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Comparison        I haven’t got as much money as I thought.        We need as many records as possible.        I’m not going out with a man who’s twice as old as me.        We got three times as many people as we expected.        You’re not half as clever as you think you are.Big Difference        Tokyo is much bigger than Portsmouth.        Portsmouth isn’t nearly so big as Tokyo.Small Difference        Thailand is a little bigger than Spain.        Spain is nearly as big as Thailand,        Spain isn’t quite so big as Thailand.        The {more,er}  ……… + the {more,er}        The harder you work, the more money you earn.        The more you eat, the fatter you get.A.   Choose the best alternative1.   A helicopter cannot fly _____________ a jet.a.  as high as                 b.  as highly asc.  so highly as                       d.  as high so        2.  The Siam Centre is _____________ for renovation.             a.  temporary close                b.  temporarily close             c.  temporarily  closed            d.  temporary closed        3.  In the ship’s oven, a  _____________ meal was waiting to be eaten.             a. fresh cooked                     b.  freshly cooked             c.  fresh cook                        d.  freshly cooking4.  There will be  _____________ news from Dujdao from now on.     a.  much less                        b.  much fewer     c.  very less                  d.  very highly5.  Joe was  _____________ praised by all the teachers.     a. much high                b.  much highly     c.  very high                 d.  very highly6.  That 10-wheel truck is _____________ the new jet.     a.  as big as half                    b.  half as big as     c.  as big half as                    d.  as half as big7.  I will do _____________ possible.     a. as good as                        b.  as well as     c.  as best as                        d.  better than8.  How _____________ can you play the piano?     a. good        b. well                       c. nice               d. sweet9.  Pat is more talkative than  _____________ in the class.     a. any other  b. the other girl  c. other     d. any other girl10.  If you want a  _____________, you must try again.     a. success            b. succeed         c. successful      d. successfully 11.  The people of Bangkok were very  _____________ to see the President from the U.S.A.     a. excite               b. exciting          c.  excited d.  excitement12.  Henry’s  _____________ was to make a car.     a.  interest                            b.  interesting     c.  interested                 d.  being interested13.  The second picture on page 6 _____________ stages in the process of assembling a car in a factory.     a.  shows              b.  showing                c.  shown  d.  showed14.  Fog is one of the _____________ enemies of the ships.     a. dead        b.  deadly          c.  deadlier d.  deadliest15.  Montri sold his old car _____________ than you.     a.  more cheaply   b.  cheaper                c.  more cheap  d.  less cheap16. This tower is the same  _____________ as that one.     a.  high                b.  tall                       c.  height   d.  highness17.  The _____________ of this company was Henry Ford.     a.  finder              b.  founder                c.  finding  d.  founding18.  The future car will be _____________ the type we know today.     a.  rather different                 b.  rather different from     c.  ratherly different from               d.  rather difference to19.  Choose the alternative that is _____________ incorrect.     a. grammar                   b.  grammatic     c.  grammatically                   d.  grammarian20.  Sophia is  _____________ than Lisa.     a.  very more beautiful           b.  more beautifully     c. very much more beautiful   d.  very much beautifully21.  The angrier he got, _____________ his face became.     a.  redder                             b.  the reddish     c.  the redder                        d.  red22.  The cost of living in the country is not q  uite _____________high as in the capital.     a.  very                b.  as                c.  so much                d.  so as23.  I’m _____________ weight as you.     a.  same               b.  as                c.  more            d.  the same24.  You look _____________ happier than you did yesterday.     a.  much               b.  very     c.  most             d.  more25.  She said _____________ in order that everybody could understand.     a.  more slowly                      b.  much slowly    c.  slowlier                             d.  as slowly as                                         

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